"but...I nearly forgot! You must close your eyes. Otherwise you won't see anything."

- Alice Kingsley

Upcoming Film/TV

* COMING SOON: Catch me in ABRUPTIO, alongside Robert Englund, Sid Haig, Jordan Peel and Hannah Mae Lee.

* COMING SOON: LOSING IN LOVE. Directed by Marty Papazian.

* FILMING: BROTHERS OF JUSTICE opposite Danny Trejo, Emilio Rivera and Efren Ramirez. Directed by Tao Mijares. Produced by Douglas Falconer.

* In PRE-PRODUCTION on HAPPY FISTS CLAUDIA. Playing Claudia in a zany Napoleon Dynamite meets Nacho Libre story about a down on her luck woman who finds MMA and it transforms her world.

* In DEVELOPMENT on BEDTIME STORIES; a digital series that retells Brothers Grimm fairytales from their original form; as grim as they are!